LEVEL One FBR-1461

ADSL2+ Modem Router with QOS

  • 4 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports
  • 1 WAN Port
  • Quality of Service for traffic prioritization and bandwidth management
  • High speed Internet access with ADSL2/2+
  • Backward compatible to ADSL
  • SOHO Firewall Security with DoS Prevention and SPI
  • Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
  • Support Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through

Key Features

- ADSL + Modem Router for High-Speed Internet Access, up to 4Mbps
- Robust Firewall Security for Network Protection
- UPnP, DDNS and VPN Pass Through
- Rich Quality of Service (QoS) Functions
- Integrated 4-port Ethernet Switch

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Quick Installation Guide LEVEL One FBR-1461 v1

Quick Installation Guide LEVEL One FBR-1461 v2

Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection Configuration


Robust and Versatile, all-in-one device
The LevelOne FBR-1461 is a powerful allpurpose device that acts as an ADSL2/2+ modem, NAT firewall, router, and 4-port 10/100 Mbps LAN switch to help you serve and protect your network’s sensitive data. FBR-1461 is a feature-rich device allowing you to connect to the Internet world with ease.

ADSL2/2+ Modem
The modem functionality of the FBR-1461 converts the high-frequency analog tones sent by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) into the digital data (1s and 0s) your computer needs. It complies with the ADSL standards set by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

NAT Firewall
Once your data enters the FBR-1461, the builtin SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) reads and verifies that your packets are legitimate. This prevents unauthorized electronic access (spoofing, DOS attacks, or other exploits) of your network data.

The FBR-1461’s router function passes all info to the appropriate connected devices. This adds an extra layer of control that makes sure all Internet packets have a source IP address and a destination IP address.

4-Port 10/100 Mbps LAN Switch
Now that the data has been decoded, inspected, and told where in your local network to go, the FBR-1416’s built-in 4-port switch allows the user to connect multiple devices to create a large and powerful data network at Fast Ethernet speeds of 10/100 Mbps.

Easy to Use
The FBR-1416 brings all of these powerful networking functions into a single device that is also easy to setup. It comes with an Easy-Sign-On Wizard that also automatically scans your ADSL settings so your network operates at maximum performance*.

*Automatic ADSL line scanning depends on the equipment and settings used by your ISP. LevelOne cannot guarantee that the correct ADSL settings will be obtained.

Technical Specification

4x 10/100 Mbps Auto-MDIX RJ-45 Port
1x RJ11 Port
Data Rates:
Downstream: Up to 4Mbps
Upstream: Up to 3.5Mbps
ADSL Standards
Multi-Mode, ANSI T1.413 Issue
ITU-T G.99 .1 (G.dmt) Annex A/C/I
ITU-T G.99 . (G.lite) Annex A/C
ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs)
ADSL2 Compliance
ITU-T G.99 .3 (G.dmt.box) Annex A/J/K/L/M
ITU-T G.99 .4 (G.lite.bis) Annex A
ADSL2+ Compliance
ITU-T G.99 .5 Annex A/L/M
ATM and PPP Protocols
VC and LLC based multiplexing
ATM Adaptation Layer Type 5 (AAL5)
Multiple Protocol over AAL5 (MPoA)
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
PPP over ATM (PPPoA)
DoS Detection
NAT Firewall with SPI mode
Virtual Server, DMZ
Schedule-Based MAC, Packet and URL Filtering
Technical Specification
QoS Support
Port Number and IP Address Traffic Prioritization
Support DiffServ Approach
Other Features
DDNS Supported, UPnP Supported, NTP Time Server,
VPN Pass-Through (PPTP, IPSec, L TP)
Firmware Upgrade
Web-based (HTTP)
Management and Configuration
Quick Installation Wizard
Web-Based GUI Configuration
Auto VPI/VCI Detection
Telnet remote and local management
Syslog monitoring
SNMP v3, MIB-I and MIB-II support
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 000/XP/Vista/Mac OSX/Linux
Power Adapter
DC12 V / 1.0A
Operating Temperature
0°C ~ 40°C / 85% Humidity
Storage Temperature
- 0°C ~ 70°C / 95% Humidity
13 mm(L) * 94mm(W) * 35mm(H)
Wall Mount Brackets
Standards Compliant
IEEE 80 .3x, IEEE 80 .3, IEEE 80 .3u

Package Content
FBR-1461, Power Adapter, RJ45 Ethernet LAN Cable, RJ11 ADSL Cable, CD Manual,
Quick Installation Guide


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