ADSL 2/2+ Router with USB Port

The PLANET ADSL 2/2+ Router, ADE-3410, provides office and residential users the ideal solution for sharing the high-speed ADSL 2/2+ broadband Internet connection on one Ethernet port and one USB port. It can support downstream transmission rate of up to 24Mbps and upstream transmission rate of up to 3.5Mbps. The product supports PPPoA (RFC 2364 - PPP over ATM Adaptation Layer 5), PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516), and RFC 1483 encapsulation over ATM (MER, bridged or routed) to establish a connection with ISP.

Via the user-friendly management interface, ADE-3410 can be managed by workstations using standard web browsers. Furthermore, ADE-3410 provides DHCP server, NAT, virtual server, DMZ, access control, IP filter, PPTP / IPSec / L2TP pass-through, DDNS, and UPnP capability.

The ADE-3410 also serves as an Internet firewall, protecting your network from being accessed by unauthorized users. It provides the natural firewall function (Network Address Translation, NAT) and all incoming and outgoing IPs are monitored and filtered as well. Moreover, it can be configured to block internal users who are accessing to the Internet.


Internet Connection with Firewall:

The ADE-3410 is the perfect solution to connect a small group of PCs to a very high-speed broadband Internet connection. With ADSL 2/2+ standards for worldwide deployment, it supports downstream rate of up to 24 Mbps and upstream rate of up to 3.5 Mbps.

Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection Quick Installation Guide

Key Features

Shared Internet Access
All users on the LAN can access the Internet through the ADE-3410 using only a single external IP Address. The local (invalid) IP Address is hidden from external sources. This process is called NAT (Network Address Translation)

Built-in ADSL 2/2+ Modem
The ADE-3410 provides ADSL 2/2+ modem and supports all common ADSL connections

Virtual Servers
This feature allows Internet users to access Internet servers on your LAN. The required setup is quick and easy

DMZ Support
The ADE-3410 can translate public IP addresses to private IP address to allow unrestricted 2-way communication with Servers or individual users on the Internet. This provides the most flexibility to run programs, which could be incompatible in NAT environment.

Supports simple firewall with NAT technology and provides option for access control from Internet, like HTTP, ICMP, SNMP, Telnet, and TFTP services. It also supports IP filtering

Universal Plug and Play (uPnP)
UPnP allows automatic discovery and configuration of the Broadband Routers. UPnP is supported by Windows ME, XP, or later

Dynamic DNS support
With the Virtual Servers feature, DDNS allows users connecting to Servers on your LAN using a Domain Name, even a dynamic IP address changed every time while connecting

VPN Pass through Support
PCs with VPN (Virtual Private Networking) software used PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec are transparently supported and no configuration is required

RIP Routing
It supports RIP routing protocol for routing capability

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
It is an easy way to remotely manage the routers via SNMP

The ADE-3410 incorporates on one Ethernet port and one USB port, made to easily create or extend your LAN

DHCP Server Support
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol provides a dynamic IP address to PCs and other devices upon request. The ADE-3410 can act as a DHCP Server for devices on your local LAN

Model ADE-3410A
Hardware Specification
StandardCompliant with ADSL Standard
- Full-rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
- G.dmt (ITU G.992.1)
- G.lite (ITU G.992.2)
- G.hs (ITU G.994.1)
Capable of ADSL2 Standard
- G.dmt.bis (ITU G.992.3, ITU G.992.4)
Capable of ADSL2+ Standard
- G.dmt.bisplus (ITU G.992.5)
- Reach Extended ADSL(RE ADSL)
ProtocolRFC 2364 - PPP over ATM (LLC/VCMUX)
RFC 2516 - PPP over Ethernet (LLC/VCMUX)
RFC 1483 - Classic IP over ATM (LLC/VCMUX)
RFC 2684 - Bridged IP over ATM (LLC/VCMUX)
RFC 2684 - Routed IP over ATM (LLC/VCMUX)
AAL and ATM SupportSupport up to 8 PVCs
ATM Forum UNI 3.1/4.0 PVC
VC and LLC Multiplexing
Integrated ATM AAL5 support(UBR,CBR,VBR,VBR-rt, and VBR-nrt)
0~255 VPI plus 8~65535 VCI address range
OAM F4 and F5 Segment end-to-end loop-back, AIS, and RDI OAM cells
1 Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX, Auto-Negotiation, Auto MDI/MDI-X) and 1 USB (USB 2.0)

1 (RJ-11)
LED IndicatorsPWR / Link / Data / LAN / USB
Button1 for Reset Factory Button
Power Switch1 for Power On / Off Switch
Protocol / FeatureNAT supports PAT and multimedia applications
NAT, Static Routing, and RIPv1/2
Transparent Bridging
Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
DNS relay and IGMP proxy
DMZ and Virtual Server
Quality of Service (QoS) for Traffic Prioritization
SecurityBuilt-in NAT Firewall
PPP over PAP(Password Authentication Protocol, RFC1334)
PPP over CHAP(Challenge Authentication Protocol, RFC1994)
DoS Protection
Access Control
IP-Based Packet filtering
MAC filtering
URL Blocking
Stateful Packet Inspection(SPI)
Password protection for system management
VPNVPN pass through
ManagementWeb-based configuration
Embedded Telnet server for remote and local management
Firmware upgraded and configuration data upload/download via WEB
Embedded Telnet server for remote and local management
SNMP v2 MIB supported
Support DHCP Server/Client/Relay
Built-in Diagnostic tool and IP Ping
Environment Specification
Dimension (W x D x H)140 x 120 x 35 mm
Power10V DC, 1A
Operating EnvironmentOperating temperature: 0 ~ 50 Degree C
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 Degree C
Humidity: 10 ~ 95% non-condensing
EmissionFCC, CE



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