EDIMAX AR-7084A Interface Setup LAN


Router Local IP

IP Address - Enter the IP Address of the ADSL router for the local user to access the router’s web page. By default, the IP Address is

IP Subnet Mask - Enter the Subnet Mask of the ADSL router. By default, the Subnet Mask is

Dynamic Route - Dynamic routing allows routing tables in routers to change as the possible routes change. This router supports RIP1, RIP2-B and RIP2-M protocols for dynamic routing. After the RIP protocol is selected, please choose the RIP direction from “None”, “Both”, “IN
Only” or “OUT Only”.

Multicast - Specify the method of transmitting data simultaneously to many receivers. Please select “IGMP v1” or “IGMP v2” as the multicast protocol or select “Disabled” to disable the function.

IGMP Snoop - When “IGMP Snoop” (Internet Group Management Protocol Snoop) is enabled, the router can make intelligent multicast forwarding decisions by examining the contents of each frame’s IP header. Without the function, the router will broadcast the multicast packets to each port and may create excessive traffic in the network and degrade the performance of the network.


DHCP - You can enable or disable the DHCP server. By enabling the DHCP server the router will automatically give your LAN clients an IP address. If the DHCP is not enabled then you’ll have to manually set your LAN client’s IP addresses.

Starting IP Address - If the DHCP Server is enabled, please set the “Starting IP Address” which will be the first IP Address assigned to the LAN client. By default, the “Starting IP Address” is

IP Pool Count - You can select a particular IP address range for your DHCP server to issue IP addresses to your LAN Clients. By default, the “IP Pool Count” is 100. The IP range is starting from IP to

Lease Time - In the Lease Time setting you can specify the time period that the DHCP Server lends an IP address to your LAN clients. The DHCP will change your LAN client’s IP address when this time threshold period is terminated.

DNS Relay - A Domain Name System (DNS) server is like an index of IP addresses and Web addresses. If you type a Web address into your browser, such as “www.router.com”, a DNS server will find that name in its index and the matching IP address. Please select “Use Auto
Discovered DNS Server Only” to auto set the DNS Server. If there is a DNS server that you would rather to use, please select “Use Discovered DNS Server Only” and you need to specify the IP address of that DNS server.


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