SpeedTouch™ 530 Multi-user ADSL gateway

Rapid access for all

Having to share bandwidth across several devices, whether it’s for business or pleasure, can play with your patience. That’s why the SpeedTouch 530 is the perfect solution for people who want rapid access to the Internet. Designed specifically for both ADSL and USB technology, the SpeedTouch 530 guarantees a quick response time for all. The SpeedTouch 530 gives you multi-device connectivity scenarios, whether for residential or for small and home offices (SOHO). Get the best of both Internet technology and USB connectivity and put a rapid end to the web-waiting game.

Easy installation

With the SpeedTouch 530, a new standard has been set, it installs with unprecedented ease. You're only five clicks away from the Internet. Just connect your PC, laptop, or local area network to the modem over an Ethernet or USB interface and you are ready to go. An advanced setup wizard guides you through the installation process. As the gateway comes with an integrated PPP-client, no additional software needs to be installed on the computer.

Home networking

This gateway is the ideal solution for residential and SOHO users where there is an urgent need to share ADSL access with other family members or colleagues. Residential users will especially appreciate the fact that PCs, game consoles, PDAs, settopboxes, and other devices can instantly connect to the Internet through a single high-speed ADSL point of access.


This ADSL residential gateway has a built-in firewall that denies unauthorized access to all PCs and Internet devices hooked up to the user's broadband ADSL connection. The SpeedTouch 530’s powerful firewall can be configured by end-users, equipment retailers or service providers for a broad range of security policies and requirements. Attacks are stopped in the gateway and will not reach the devices.
With the SpeedTouch 530, you’ll be secure 24/7. Rapid
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