Streamyx KASDA KD318RI Modem

First thing first!!!
Please check your modem IP is it under 192.168.x.x or 169.x.x.x. How to do check?
Go to Run or use (Windows Logo + R), then key in cmd. Then type ipconfig. Try to find you IP address. If your IP is 169.x.x.x, kindly change your Network Card IP manually to

Here is a simple step by step instruction to turn your KASDA ADSL modem from Bridge mode to Router mode. How to turn KASDA ADSL Modem into Routing Mode.

Add a Root User

1. Open a browser and type the following URL:
2. Wait for a while and a Popup Dialog box will appear asking for username and password. Type in the following:
  • Username: user
  • Password: password
3. Now add user page should appear. Add any username you like but make sure the user type is ‘ROOT’
4. Close your browser now. Please do not switch off the modem as doing so you would lose all steps done from 1 to 3

5. Open browser and type in
6. Now Key in the username and password that you have created in step 3
7. Go the Admin Tab and select the Commit and Reboot, now click the button commit. This should save all the work done from steps 1 to 7

Turn KASDA into Routing Mode

1. Go to the Home Tab and click on the Quick Configuration
2. Make sure the following Options are filled in accordingly:
  • ATM Interface: 0
  • Operation Mode: Enabled
  • Encapsulation: PPPoE
  • LLC VPI: 0
  • VCI: 35
  • Default Route: Enable
  • PPP Username: yourname@streamyx
  • Password: your TMNet Streamyx password
3. Click the Submit button
4. Next, Select the System Mode. Make sure that all settings (radio button) are set to disable. Click the submit button
5. Go to the Services Tab
6. Click the NAT. NAT Options: NAT Global Info. Select the Enable radio button option and click the Submit button
7. NAT Options: NAT Rule Entry. Click on the Add button. Key in the following:
  • Rule Flavor: NAPT
  • Rule ID: 1
  • IF Name: ALL
  • Protocol: ANY
  • Local Address From:
  • Local Address To:
8. Click the Submit Button
9. Select the DNS
10. Click on the Enable radio button
11. Click on the Submit button
12. Go to Admin Tab
13. Select the Commit and Reboot
14. Click on the Commit button
15. Wait for the screen to refresh and Click on the Reboot Button. Now we are done. Now you can try to open a new browser and you should be able to browse the internet without using the PPPoE dialer from your PC


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