EDIMAX AR-7084A Advanced Setup NAT

Network Address Translation (NAT) allows multiple users at your local site to
access the Internet through a single Public IP Address or multiple Public IP
Addresses. NAT provides Firewall protection from hacker attacks and has the
flexibility to allow you to map Private IP Addresses to Public IP Addresses for key
services such as Websites and FTP.

Virtual Circuit - VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) and VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier define a virtual circuit. Please select the channel (PVC) you want to configure.

NAT Status - The activated or deactivated status for the NAT function
will be shown here.

Number of IPs - Select “Single” if you only have a public IP Address. Select “Multiple” if you have multiple IP Addresses.

The DMZ Host is a local computer exposed to the Internet. When setting a particular internal IP Address as the DMZ Host, all incoming packets will be checked by the firewall and NAT algorithms then passed to the DMZ Host.

For example, if you have a local client PC that cannot run an Internet application
(e.g. Games) properly from behind the NAT firewall, then you can open the client
up to unrestricted two-way Internet access by defining a DMZ Host.


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