Things To Check, To Know and To Do

PC Minimum Requirements

Please make sure your computer fulfills the following requirements before installing Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection.

Note: In addition, make sure the Network Interface Controller (NIC) Card or Ethernet Card or Network Card or LAN Card the driver is properly configured.

Hardware Needed
  • ADSL Modem
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • Micro-filter (splitter)
  • Network Interface Controller (NIC) Card or Ethernet Card (Pre-configured in PC)
  • RJ45 Patch Cable/Ethernet Cable Cat5(e) Straight-through or Cross-over
  • (2) RJ11 Telephone Cable Cat3,4
  • CD Windows Utility (optional)
  • User Guide or Manual (optional)

Physical Connection and Powering ON, both PC and the Modem.

First, plug the RJ11 telephone cable into the TELEPHONE WALL SOCKET and the other end to micro-filter(splitter) port labeled LINE. Then, plug the telephone set into the micro-filter other port labeled PHONE. Next, plug the other RJ11 telephone cable into the micro-filter next port labeled ADSL and the other end to the modem port labeled LINE. Now, plug the RJ45 Patch/Ethernet cable into any of the modem port labeled ETHERNET if it's only one(1) port or in any of LAN port if it's four(4) and the other end plug it to the PC Ethernet Card or LAN Card.

Note: To avoid interference between voice(phone) and data (DSL) carrier do not used splitter without low-pass filter.

Finally, plug the Power adapter output jack into the modem power port and also plug the AC/DC Power adapter to indoor AC power source wall outlet.

Note: Please, make sure you have checked the power rating of indoor AC power source outlet that will matched with the input voltage of the AC/DC Power adapter of the Modem/Router before plugging to avoid damaging the equipment.

Start powering ON your PC (desktop/laptop) and the Modem/Router.

The LED (light emitting diode) of the the modem/router must lit such as POWER, DSL, and LAN, likewise the PC Ethernet Card similar to the illustration above. Now you can continue the setup and configuration of your Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection.

Note: If the LED of your PC Ethernet Adapter and Modem LAN fails to lit try re-plugging your RJ45 Patch/Ethernet cable on both port of the PC Ethernet and Modem/Router LAN. Replacing or substituting with a new RJ45 Patch/Ethernet cable is the best thing to solved the issue. If the LED still fails to lit after replacing with new RJ45 Patch/Ethernet cable, suspicious will be on the PC Ethernet Adapter card it might be faulty or undetected by the system. Since , the Modem/Router is new I don't suspect that it is defective. Click here, To investigate the Network Interface Controller(NIC) Card or Network Adapter of the PC if faulty, undetected by the system or not properly configured.

For any question about Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection you can call TM (Telekom Malaysia) just dial 100 by using your landline phone and speak to their Customer/Technical Support Representative they are very helpful regarding any issue.

For other network telco's (mobile phone) dial 1300-888-123 or email at

Feel FREE to post your comments, suggestions or any questions regarding any issues about Streamyx DSL Broadband Internet Connection, Modem and Router and also wireless networking I can assure you to reply your post.


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